Mobile computing platforms such as the smartphone are beginning to make inroads into the laboratory


When smartphone launched it’s portable media player/web browser/gaming console/GPS, the phone application seemed the least of its concerns (after all, it partnered with AT&T for actual reception). But even as a phone, it added visual voicemail. And with new thousands of new apps, it’s the gadget that gets better every day.


Peek and Pop with a press.  3D Touch gives you more ways to interact with iPhone. For example, press to peek at images and documents, or display helpful options when pressing links, addresses, and phone numbers in email messages. Press a little deeper to pop open an item. While peeking, swipe up to see a list of actions. When you press some items—certain apps on the Home screen, for example—you get a Quick Actions menu. See 3D Touch.

More lively photos. Use Live Photos to capture the moments just before and after you take a picture. On smartphone, press the Live Photo to bring it to life. On other iPhone models, touch and hold the Live Photo. Later, you can duplicate the Live Photo as a still image. (iOS 9.3). See Take photos and videos and View photos and videos.

Get the news. News makes it easy to follow stories from your favorite newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Pick your favorite topics and sources, and News collects the best stories, personalized just for you. (Not available in all areas.) See News at a glance.

Richer notes. Create drawings, make checklists, take and import pictures, protect your notes with a password (iOS 9.3), add files and links to your notes, and share them with others. See Notes at a glance.

More ways to get around. In select cities, Maps provides public transportation information and details your entire journey, from walking to the bus stop to hopping off at your destination. See Find places.

Use more cards with Apple Pay. Apple Pay now supports Discover and store credit cards. And in addition to your credit and debit cards, you can add rewards cards to Wallet and receive and redeem rewards using Apple Pay. See Apple Pay.

Find services using CarPlay. (iOS 9.3) Get directions to nearby parking, gas stations, restaurants, and more. See Maps.

Find your friends or a misplaced iPhone. Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps are now included with every iPhone, making it easier than ever to locate friends and family or find a missing device. See Find My Friends and Find My iPhone.

Easily find third-party health apps. (iOS 9.3) Tap a Health app data type—steps, flights climbed, or heart rate, for example—to view related third-party apps.

A more understanding Siri. While looking at a webpage, tell Siri, “Remind me about this when I get home.” Or “play more songs like this” when you listen to music. With iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE you can even ask Siri questions when it’s not plugged in. See Make requests.

Smarter search. Type “weather” and get up-to-date forecasts. Enter your favorite team to see sports scores and schedules. Search can even suggest contacts, apps, nearby places, and more that you might find useful, with no typing required. See Search.

Answers before you ask for them. Based on the apps you commonly use and the time of day you use them, proactive assistant suggests things you might want to do next, before you ask. For example, opening the News app first thing in the morning or playing your “Chill Out” playlist before you go to bed. See Proactive assistant.